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eJay Virtual Music Studio 1.90

Virtual Music Studio provides the necessary tools for creating our own music
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Virtual Music Studio 1.93 has been designed to provide the necessary tools for creating our own music. We can purchase and/or download the free trial version from the developer’s website. The trial version is not a full featured one although we can see what is available in the registered one. In there we are allowed to create songs lasting up to 30 seconds and there are only two demo songs. When making a tune we can use our own music or use those included in the sample studio library with more than 15000 sound samples and 1000 songs for all popular styles such as Rock, Dance, Hip Hop, Techno, Pop, etc. From the main user’s interface, we can access the Help and Tutorial files, Song Arranger, File Manager, CD Burning, Setup & Options, and direct link to eJay. The features include copying sound clips, pan and volume curves, burning, uploading, import and export, recording, playback, edit artist and song info, etc. The sample studio provides several sound and instrument effects as reverb, echo, chorus, equalizer, compressor, and many more. It runs under Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems.

Review summary


  • Free demo available
  • Wide range of sound samples
  • Easy to use interface


  • None
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